Cherry Design Partners LLC creates and sells fresh and innovative surface design for all areas of apparel, home, consumer products, paper goods, seasonal and lifestyle and is comprised of original artwork suitable for print, placement, appliqué and embroidery applications.

When Deborah Shapiro and Vittoria DiRosa conceived of their partnership in November 2006, they assembled a gifted cadre of artists from the US, UK, Europe and Asia, creating the ever evolving collection of Cherry Design Partners.

Deborah’s experience as an art director and graphic designer, Vittoria’s background as a textile designer and their combined years of sales experience in the marketplace translates to an understanding of clients design needs and the ability to supply those needs.  Our design presentation is regularly supplemented by the arrival of prominent collections from the UK and Spain for the women’s, children’s, junior and paper markets.

Cherry Vintage Design, a division of the company, presents a focused collection of vintage inspiration for use in today’s marketplace.  We travel the world and assemble groups thematically, directed and driven by what is trending during the season. Cherry Vintage Design is a valuable design resource library for all areas of surface design.